Fiat Toro pickups equipped with 9AT gearbox


Recently, Fiat's Brazilian subsidiary has released more official pictures of Toro pickup, it is learned, the new car mainly for sales in South America region.

 Fiat Toro

From the appearance to see, the front face design of Fiat Toro is unique personality, design style is similar with Jeep Freedom, avant-garde style. From the side can see, the new car shape design rules, while the rear use abundant lines taillights, black wheel arch and rear bumper design is added some sense of movement.


Up to now, Fiat still has not announced the new car interior pictures, but it was reported that its configuration will have Hill Descent, reversing radar, xenon headlamps, GPS navigation system and other functions.


In power, the car will equipped with 2.0T diesel engine, the transmission part will match with 9-speed automatic gearbox, in addition, the new car also will provide four-wheel drive version models for choose.


In test, the Fiat Toro pickups can still use FIAT ECU SCAN With All Connectors to diagnosis all the system.Fiat ECU Scan Hardware only bundle for software,it is compatible fully with fiat ecu scan. The other Fiat Scanner USB Scan Tool is professional interface for diagnostics Fiat / Alfa Romeo / Lancia USB Interface connected to a computer via the USB port, is also included OBD2 plug into the car. The device is equipped with LEDs indicating TX and RX.


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